Help Feed The Hungry

i really think its neccessary to discuss various ways to help feed the hungry !

but also, help medical issues, and help save animals ( pets ), etc., etc.

i.e. there are lots & lots of ” worthy causes ” which definitely need various
forms of assistance.

Can using win-abled methods help worthy causes ?

i’d say, sure, … its been done over and over … but CAN be tweaked for even

” better ” results and without more spammy stuff.

ofcourse, there is no need to go into defining details if there is ZERO interest.

so, who … and ” HOW ” to collaborate so all legit input and

” work ” is treated fairly.

maybe those issues should be discussed, first !??

or not ??


One Comment to “Help Feed The Hungry”

  1. r u confused, and possibly very frustrated, too, like me ??

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