Nothing is actually FREE, except …

The Only Thing You Get For Free Is Hungry!

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John Dyer

My grandfather was a very wise man. Simple but wise. He once told me “The only thing you get

in life for free is hungry.” There is a lot of truth in that. I see it all the time online and

offline that people are looking for the perverbial “free ride.”

Online it takes the form of “get rich quick schemes” and overnight success stories. Promises

of quick money for doing nothing. While setting back and doing nothing and watching the money

roll in would be nice, the truth is that very few if any get rich quick promises ever pan out.

The thing to look for if you are seriously wanting to start an online business is one that

shoots straight from the get go without making promises of exhorbitant amounts of money

falling in your lap without you having to do anything. The greatest companies in the world

took many years to build and lots of hard work. While it is true that you can start a company

with little or no money the flip-side of that coin is you will have to put in extra time

promoting and advertising it.

So one way or another you invest whether it be money or time. If you hear someone tell you

something like “You don’t have to do anything but cash the checks” then the check you send

them will probably be the only one cashed.

There are some easy signals to look for when choosing a business to get involved in. Like red

flags that should tell you whether the business is worth checking out or not.

They want to charge you to sell their products.
If their products sell so good and you will be selling them for the company then why should

you pay the company for the right to sell? After all you will be making profit for the company


They want money upfront for information about their “Opportunity”.
You see this a lot especially offline. People are duped into sending money for information

about a “Business Opportunity.” When you receive the information it is pretty much useless and

more times than not they ask for more money for more info. If it were a legit opportunity

especially online they would let you check it out for free.

They offer you FREE products.
This is a very popular ploy online. You are offered free products only to find out that you

have to buy something to receive your “Free Bonus.” If someone says this and this are free

then they should give them to you free. After all that would be the honest thing to do

wouldn’t it?

Is it a real business or just a Storefront?
Both online and offline there are fly-by-night companies that pop up, take peoples money and

then as quickly as they appeared they are gone. One of the main things to look for in a

Business Opportunity is to make sure the company is well established. How long have they been

in business? Do they have an actual brick and mortar business or simply a P.O. Box they

operate out of? Do they use only auto-responders to answer e-mails or can you get a response

from a real person?

These are only a few things that you can look for in determining if a company is reputable or

not. Most times just common sense is enough to tell you if they are worth checking out. The

most important thing to remember is don’t pay money to anyone for anything until you at least

have an idea as to what you are getting. At least then you can decide for yourself if it is

worth it or not.

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* About John Dyer

John Dyer is the owner of: T.H.I.S stands for Truth Honesty Integrity

Sincerity. Something the author has found too little of online.

Acting is easy, being real is not.


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