Investment insurance can offer unique overall ” assurance ” ??

Lets examine the hopes and dreams …

One thing is, not all people can be completely satisfied.

Which can actually be thought of as, ” a good thing ” – right ?

or, wrong ??

Generally, if everything was very simple and “easy” to come by,

nearly all of us would get very, very bored, right ??

Plus, our overall economies would suffer, right ??

Please correct me if i’m totally wrong and completely off-base 🙂

I’m told its a good idea to ” Envision ” as if, …

” what if EVERYONE did it or could do it, or knew about it, etc., etc., etc. ”

i.e. No One would have an edge OR be able to gain an edge and those 2 issues would cause much, much greater strife in many various ways.

Right or Wrong ??

Who has a legit and completely ” valid ” argument to whats posted here ??

— Tia


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