Jobs to resolve scam issues

Win-Win or win-abled can be used for, …

The best “jobs” and /or helpful “ideas” to stop scams, prevent scams, resolve scams ??

i.e. What job title or what companies are the “Best” to work for or work with to help develop solutions for resolving various bogus offerings and issues ??

Yes, i think “Most” legit people would agree there are way, way too many bogus things going on…. and, in some areas of interest, it seems to be getting worse.

So whats the answer ? Whats the solution ?

Diversification is one of the most primary solutions that many people utilize.

But also, think of it, … maybe there is “No Way” to “completely” figure out totally “iron-clad” solutions for those types of problems ??!

Resolve to many problems usually leads to other problems.

But “problems” and challenges are a key issue that makes the world continue to progress.

etc., etc. , etc. — just my 2 cents 😉


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