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February 26, 2008

a NeW TV show !

i have a GreaT idea for a TV show … i’m sure you do, too.

uDoTonE , too !? … try this

So, HoW can you or i convince ( sell ) the people in

control about our idea (s) ?? knowing that several

tweaks are inevitable via iT will ned to be developed … and thats where the work comes in.

((( iF U DON’T CLICK HERE, NO Problem … i only wish to work with those who offer “Value”! No Spammy or Annoying Stuff allowed )))

BuT, i’m more than glad to help with the WorK portions of the idea … or any other ideas via i’m very innovative as a developer of strategic enhancements.

learn me about my next step(s), … i’m too ignorant.

February 19, 2008

The BesT iDeaS to Unite ?

does anyone have the BesT ideas to unite ?

i.e. is iT possible to make iT fair when nearly everyone has the same goal or desires !??

iF so, tell me how !

February 19, 2008

i’m pissed off and sometimes furious

does iT already eXist ?

i’ve had several very high value IDEAS stolen from me !!!

and i’m struggling to make ends meet, while the spammers and thieves get the lions share of the generated revenue MY IDEAS have provided !

i’m more than glad to help tweak and do other multiple WORK to make MY ideas and other peoples ideas generate revenue and MAXIMIZE revenue,

so HOW can i get this FAIR arrangement, done ???

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