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September 14, 2010

New Ideas by amardkcihc about win-abled

maybe the details about win-abled should be made public ?

maybe another cool theme would be

” why not ” and so, ” why not me ” ?

maybe is also another unique theme … i.e. the word ” maybe ” ?

maybe earn from tweaking is a realistic method ?

maybe all “general and basic” ideas can be monetized but how to

prevent those who abuse or do not work ??

lets discuss it!

August 10, 2010

Tools ‹ Tntgal’s Weblog for Investments — WordPress

Tools ‹ Tntgal’s Weblog for Investments — WordPress.

first this is only an initial  ” TEST ”  to know how to proceed

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December 10, 2009

Good idea vs. Bad idea

so, is it a good idea or bad idea …

to have simple everyday conversations on this blog ?

December 10, 2009

Who did iT “first” ?

One of the most important issues is to be, ” first ” ! — or is iT?

Seems Google was “not” the first search engine … but is definitely among the best, right?

Anyone like to discuss this issue?

November 20, 2009

Can this help control or cure Cancer ?

NOTE: iF u have something helpful or interesting to add via new category, topic, focus, or Pics, i’ll be glad to collaborate & devise a win-win partnership

Web Directory

i hope this might help your quest to cure or control cancer:

Top foods to help fight Cancer =

“” Many have said, “Eat plenty of vegetables.” Maybe what should’ve been said is, “Eat plenty of berries!”

Do you know that fruit, particularly berries, collectively rank quite a lot higher in overall antioxidant capacity than most vegetables, even spinach and broccoli? Not very long ago, scientists published articles with newly updated results on over 100 foods – rating the foods on “hydrophilic Oxygen-Radical Absorbance Capacity.”

Free radicals are unstable oxygen atoms (plus, sometimes nitrogen atoms) that, if not rendered neutral by antioxidant compounds, have great potential to damage DNA- which are the building blocks of life (ofcourse) … and, this damage is a precursor to possible cancer development later on, as well as crippling heart disease.

According to the previously mentioned report, which was 4 the USDA’s National Food & Nutrient Analysis Program, the top 10 foods, according to overall antioxidant capacity, are as follows:

raw Raab broccoli, blackberries, raspberries, wild blueberries, cultivated blueberries, cooked artichoke, strawberries, red cooked cabbage, black plums,
and red delicious apples.

However, the most potent anti-cancer (cancer fighting) compounds don’t necessarily show up in the greatest volume in these 10 foods. For example, lycopene from cooked tomato product has been linked to reduced prostate cancer risk, but cooked tomatoes rank # 43 in the report. Spinach comes in at # 38. Don’t let those numbers trick you, however, because spinach-along with all cruciferous vegetables-contain a very serious cancer-tromping compound called indole-3 carbinol, which has inhibited tumor growth in laboratory studies.

Also keep in mind that the report did not include other foods that have powerful anti-cancer properties, such as green tea. Thus, as far as lowering cancer risk, the top 10 foods/beverages that I recommend are (in no particular order):

1. Green tea

2. Acai berry juice

3. Pomegranate juice

4. Any kind of whole berries

5. Broccoli or cabbage

6. Spinach/kale/collard greens

7. Apples

8. Cooked tomato product

9. Wheatgrass and barley grass in powder form, mixed with water

10. Dark chocolate

November 13, 2009

1 quick test

testing … hope this is ok and if it is,

we can use for my new way for ANTI-SPAM type messages, too!

yeehi !

November 13, 2009

Service fees: possible examples for Trent or ?

think about how much “investment ” some of your contacts allocate each month.

if its $500 or more, then maybe that would be your price point.

uwould … its simple, just “undercut” their current expenditure. so, WouLdu iF iT meant EasY Money without spamming or “selling” ? via, i can tweak iT or be more specific, iF u prefer me to explain in more detail HoW the ” No Selling ” and ” No Spamming ” aspects play into the plan, ok?

yep, thats a common thingy 1000’s of people and companies presently do.

BUT, if you win-able it … uWouLd stand out from the pack.

i can give a few examples, but not til u hire me
(i.e. do some type of thingy that helps me, 2!)

examples and details on request.

Ads from

November 6, 2009

unique ways to use TV 4u, ” i’m ??? and ?????? was my ????? “

i wonder … is this “one” new and kinda unique way to reward all people
who share & “help develop” the same idea that has “value” ?

if not … i can think of many ways it could be tweaked using win-abled
methods for everyone to share rewards.

iTs 4u ?

February 26, 2009

invest in your own ideas, but how?

uDoTonE ?
to Help Feed the Hungry !

Link to Me

Determine ways to HeLp without Hindering !

iTs AbouT real people to do the right thing & iNcentive !
WhaT do u think needs 2 b win-win ?

Help Preserve Nature. One click at a time

Using ” Hover ” has been voted as 1 basic KeY 4 version 1.0 level 1a.
And, “NoT” associated with “Spam”! … GooD ideas vs. BaD ideas ?

iWouLd ?

uMinD ?      uWouLd ?

uKnoW ?      uCouLd ?


iDoTonE    ?
the JoB Market & HoW to invest TimE


whether its a product, service, unique marketing plan,

or method for getting sales,

… if we don’t get enough honest exposure,

our thingy will never be able to influence enough

of the population for a fair judgement.

tell me i’m stupidlearn me! (lol)

Remember, iF a link or something else, is in error, report iT and your HeLp may be eligible 4 FleX $ Opptions

Choose PiC 4 zSpoT

Choose ConTenT 4 zSpoT

maybe parishilton or moneymykey is asking,

” r u offering a program to feedthehungry with total honesty ? investments, HYIP, Forex, Doublers, Bubble games, stocks, futures, currency markets, arbitrage investments and various other investment opptions. Is this thebestnet ?

I will JoiN ! … iTs All about Investing!

DoFollow Directory – Free Do Follow Link Directory

r these helpful ?

    3 to 5 BesT listed here:

Great Music link ?

Uniq Entertainer ?

New Energy Fund ?

Hedge Fund Database ?

Create a Buzz ?

Site Meter

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February 19, 2008

i feel copyright and patents are NOT …

does iT already eXist ?

they are NOT good enough in todays information age.

how do you feel ? – what do you think ?

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